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Wood: Beech


Dimensions: 550mm x 190mm x 35mm

L x W x D 


*Please note: All measurements are taken from the longest and widest points of the board and are strictly a guideline


Each board is unique and handcrafted in the heart of the Dorset countryside. It is cut to enhance the natural grain therefore no two boards are the same. The wood is locally sourced and has undergone a natural drying process. This means the wood may have natural imperfections and markings adding to the natural beauty of each board.  


The wood is treated with love and care all the way from the saw mill to the moment the last coat of oil is rubbed in. It is a privilege and pleasure to pack them up and send them along to their new homes. 

The boards are strong and sturdy and perfect for use in the kitchen or as a unique gift. 



Beech Coat Rack

  • Option 1:

    Remove the top screws in the hooks and replace with longer screws which can be drilled into the wall with wall plugs. This will mount the rack flush to the wall. *Extra long screws are not provided

    Option 2:

    Use wall mounts and fix to the back of the wood. This may leave a small gap between the wall and the coat rack. *Wall mounts are not provided

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